Divorce Laws in India

With the rise in matrimonial conflicts among the couples, they fail to fulfill their desires and needs. That leads to a decision which is practical and logical but somehow not liked very much by the society......Read More

Child Custody in India

One of the important questions that arise at the time of divorce is who gets the Custody of the Child. The Indian Courts use the term “custody” in the narrow sense .....Read More

Decriminalization of Sec 138/Cheque bouncing Case

Recently, the Finance Ministry proposed to decriminalize several economic offenses including section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act,......Read More


The bankruptcy code is a single stop solution for solving insolvencies which in early time was a long process that did not offer an economically viable arrangement. .....Read More

FAQ on Immigration

There are questions on how to immigrate, what are the paths, what are the pros and cons of these paths, we .....Read More

Free Webinar on Domestic Violence

These lockdown times have increased the incidents of domestic violence across the country. The only way to fight this menace is educating yourself about the laws relating to domestic violence. You are invited to free webinar by Advocate Purvi Shah on Laws relating to domestic violence on 2nd August 2020 at 11am. Please register here

The details are also available on the website