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We deal in matters relating to various religions. Remember, as marriage is personal, its law is also driven by your religion. India has the following laws and we can help you with each of them.

  • Hindu Marriage Act,1955 is applicable for Hindus, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist religion.

  • Indian Divorce Act-1869 & The Indian Christian Marriage Act,1872 is applicable to Christians.

  • The Dissolution of Marriage Act,1939 & The Muslim Women(Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act,1986 is applicable to Muslims

  • The Parsi Marriage & Divorce Act-1936 is applicable to Parsis in India.

  • Special Marriage Act,1954 is applicable to citizens who marry the person from different religions. (Inter Religion Marriages).

We primarily practice in At Family court Bandra. This is the court in Mumbai where all family matters are solved under one roof. It is located in Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Cases like a divorce petition by mutual consent, maintenance petition, domestic violence, alimony, declaratory petition, foreign marriage, Christian marriage, customary marriage Muslim marriage registration, Hindu marriage registration, Christian marriage registration, Jain marriage, court marriage registration are done in Bandra ,Maharashtra. However whenever our clients need us to, we represent our clients in Family courts across India.

We will help you if you need Filing Divorce Cases, Filing Mutual Divorce Cases, Filing Contested Divorce Cases, Filing Domestic Violence Cases, Filing for Dowry Cases, Alimony, Child Custody, Separation of Property or any marital matter.